28 Fun Hobbies for Women You Need to Try

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Tired of spending free time binge-watching shows or scrolling social feeds? Get inspired by these hobbies for women, and maximize your free time learning, growing, and having fun.

Hobbies for Women

Fun Hobbies

Bring plenty of joy and laughs into your free time by giving one or more of these enjoyable hobbies a try, and see where it takes you.

1. Dig it

Planting flowers in the garden.

Gardening is immensely therapeutic and does not cost the earth! Don’t be daunted if you can’t tell your Dahlias from your Delphiniums, the net makes learning easy and fun.

Podcasts and videos are available for the uninitiated, and if this seems too much, then there are always container pots and hanging baskets to get stuck into.

No garden? No problem – all you need is a window box and the earth comes to you! 

2. Tune up!

Playing the ukulele.

Learning an instrument might be the most fulfilling thing you do in 2021. Don’t be phased by your lack of knowledge. An experienced tutor will tease the inner Beethoven out of you!

Whether online or face to face, however you learn, you will be glad you did!

3. Speak in tongues

Now that lockdown is lifting, you might just make it abroad again one day (we live in hope). Hence, there’s never been a better time to learn a language. 

Online resources have transformed language learning from a labor of love to easy as A, B, C – without setting foot from your door! 

But for a little camaraderie, a local group can help bring the lingo to life.

4. Knit it!


Don’t know your garter stitch from your purl? Fret not! Knitting can be picked up – and put down again – quickly.

With many online tutorials to sort the wool from the chaff, you will be clacking your needles away in no time!

Although knitting makes a great solo hobby, many women find companionship in their local knitting circle – check yours out today!

5. Or maybe crochet?

Want to knit but find it kind of hard work? If you like the idea of beautiful creations without the long slog, then maybe consider crochet.

We’re not saying it’s easy-peasy, but some people find it quicker to learn. Something like a baby blanket can be produced in next to no time, and in crochet, mistakes are easier to rectify, as you won’t have more than six stitches on a hook at any one time.

6. Get cheesy

Farmer's cheese

Ever fancied making your own Monterey Jack? It’s easier than you think to get started with cheesemaking, and by following a few simple instructions, you can turn out some quality cheese.

We won’t lie, the more advanced cheeses require a little more effort, but most people manage quite well in a domestic kitchen. 

All it takes is time, milk, and love!

7. Bake off!

Baking can be cathartic – whether it is kneading bread or whipping eggs into a frenzy, never underestimate the healing power of dough!

Or cake. Or homemade pizza. In short, anything you feel like making. The beauty of baking is that you already have everything you need in your kitchen. And for the time-deprived, a bread machine makes it easier still.  

Waking up to the smell of baking bread is one of life’s simplest pleasures – and best of all, you eat the results!

8. Run away!

Woman running

Running groups have really taken off in the last few years and that was never truer than during lockdown. 

The great thing about running is that it is open to all. All you need is a decent pair of running shoes and some determination.

But don’t make the mistake of going at it too hard; ease into things with the support of your local women’s running group.

Solo running has its merits, but group running is safer – and more enjoyable too!

9. Brew it!

Brewing beer.

Who needs the pub when you can brew your own wine and beer? It’s cheap, it’s fun, and best of all, it gets you merry – all without leaving the comfort of your home.

Homebrewing can be done easily in a domestic kitchen. And although it requires a small outlay, you will save yourself a small fortune over time.

But for something really simple, Elderflower Champagne can be made for virtually nothing and requires no specialist equipment. Bottoms up!

10. Stretch it!

Modern life is a merry-go-round of tension, and it’s not stopping anytime soon.  

For many women, yoga is their way of relieving pressure. But it can also be beneficial for back pain, as well as other medical conditions. 

We can’t promise instant karma, but it can help relax the body and mind.

11. Sing out!

Community choirs have taken off in a big way recently. Singing together is an enjoyable pastime, as well as a great way to meet others.

But if you can’t get along to a local group then look online for a virtual choir to join. 

It’s fun, we promise!

12. Walk away

A walking group is a great way to meet new people and get out into the fresh air.

Almost certainly, there is a walking group near you, and many groups arrange outings to locations you may never have considered before.

Don’t panic if you are not up for a twenty-mile trek – there are groups catering to every level, and you will build friendships as well as stamina!

13. Walk like a Viking!


But if simple walking seems a bit… pedestrian, then there is fun to be had on sticks – aka Nordic walking.

Originating from Finland, Nordic walking burns calories, soothes pains, and gets your body ready for athletic glory (perhaps!)

But if you’re self-conscious about walking on stilts through your local park, then don’t worry. There’s safety in numbers, and Nordic walking meetups have surged in popularity – you’re bound to find a group near to you.

14. Paint it!

A lot of people believe they can’t paint. But it is all about technique, practice, and self-belief. So, keep going and you will succeed!

Still life can be easily conjured up at home, but for something a little more adventurous, check out your local art college for a life drawing class.

On your own, or in a group, painting is a fun and accessible hobby for anyone to try. 

Read more: 100+ Painting Ideas (The Ultimate Painting Bucket List)

15. Cover it!

Chair being reupholstered.

Why throw away a perfectly good chair just because it’s a bit faded? Re-upholstering is cheap and environmentally friendly.

Starting out, we would advise you to begin with something small that doesn’t matter a lot to you. Car boots are great ways to pick up low-cost items that can be given a new lease of life. 

Once confident, you can take on projects that require a little more skill.

Yes, upholstering takes time – and more than a little patience. But for a cheap and rewarding hobby, you can’t beat this.

More Hobbies

Still looking for a fun hobby to try? Try some of these awesome activities and improve your mental health, learn new skills, and reap the physical health benefits.

16. Join a stand-up comedy duo or group

17. Try wine-making and host your own wine-tasting evenings

18. Get involved with free community events in your local area

19. Try improv with a local theatre group

20. Self-defense classes

21. Try flower arranging and set up an Instagram to showcase your creations

22. Volunteer for dog walking at a local pound

23. Landscape gardening

24. Jewelry making at a local craft store

25. Volunteer to make phone-shot music videos for local bands or artists

26. Play tennis or another racquet sport

27. Upcycling old furniture and selling it on Facebook marketplace

28. Donating your own clothes and other items to worthwhile causes

Don’t be daunted by starting something new. These fun, creative, and enjoyable hobbies are suitable for women from all walks of life and will help you spend your free time doing something valuable.

Dive in. Start by doing a little every day. And don’t be overwhelmed: we all have to start somewhere!

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