100+ Anniversary Wishes and Messages to Make Your Partner Feel Loved

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Mark another year of love, growth, and laughs with your partner by putting those feelings into words with these anniversary wishes and messages, be they written on a card or said in a loving embrace!

Anniversary Wishes and Messages

Anniversary Wishes and Messages (list of messages 1-10 from the article).

For Your Husband

1. Happy anniversary to my all-time hero.

2. Thank you for working so hard and still making time for me. You mean the world to me and then some!

3. Happy anniversary to my support system in this crazy thing called life.

4. Here’s to another year of marriage with the man of my dreams.

5. Thank you for not only being my husband but for being my best friend, too.

6. Happy Anniversary!

7. Happy anniversary to the greatest husband on the planet!

8. Happy anniversary to the smartest and strongest person I know.

9. Every day, my love and appreciation for you grows — thanks for making these days so perfect.

10. Having you as my soulmate has been the most rewarding experience of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

11. Your loyalty and integrity astound me daily. Thank you for being the man that you are, and happy anniversary to us.

12. I want to thank you for being my husband, but even more, for being my soulmate.

13. Let’s never lose sight of the love that brought us together.

14. From the day I met you to now, you have been my favorite person in the universe.

15. Thanks for sticking by my side through the good and the bad.

16. I love you, my family loves you, my friends love you — you literally couldn’t be any more perfect for me.

17. Grateful for all our memories together and looking forward to so many more with you by my side.

18. Having you as my husband has been the most amazing experience of my life, and I can’t wait to see what our future holds!

19. Who knew that getting married could be this rewarding? Happy anniversary, babe!

20. Happy anniversary, and thank you for all the love and care you’ve shown me throughout our time together.

For Your Wife

21. Happy anniversary to my angel.

22. Nothing is stronger than my love for you — except, possibly, your love for me.

23. My life has been so full of beauty ever since I met you.

24. Your spirit is so full of light and love, and I can never thank you enough for sharing all of that with me.

25. If I had to choose again, I’d still choose you, every single day!

26. Thank you for being the perfect companion and life partner.

27. Seeing your beauty every day never fails to stun me — you truly grow more beautiful every day.

28. If our wedding day was the perfect day, then this is definitely coming in at a close second. Happy anniversary.

29. Thank you for making me the happiest person alive by sticking with me and showing me what true love feels like!

30. Your smile still melts my heart like the day I met you. Here’s to many more days of my heart being melted, and put back together again by you.

31. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one.

32. Happy anniversary to the one person I always dreamed of, and still can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have found. That’s you, babe. Thanks for being everything I dreamed of and more.

33. I can’t believe I have so many memories to look back on, and even more memories to look forward to, with the stunning woman I get to call my wife!

34. I can’t imagine life without you, and I am so blessed that I won’t ever have to. Thanks for being my forever partner.

35. To the wife who is always patient and never shows me anything but care, happy anniversary.

36. If loving you was a sport, I would make it in the Guinness Book of World Records for sure. Happy anniversary, babe.

37. Thank you for loving me for who I am, and I promise to always do the same for you in return.

38. Thank you for being my perfect match and my better half.

39. To my best friend — my partner and my wife — happy anniversary, and I am already looking forward to the next one with you.

40. Thank you for all the memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world.


41. Happy is an understatement for the way you make me feel.

42. Experiencing life with you by my side is a dream come true.

43. You make all the hard parts worth it, and you make all the good parts even better.

44. Happy anniversary to the only person I have eyes for.

45. Thanks for showing me what all the great love songs were talking about.

46. Smart, funny, thoughtful, and kind — you are everything I wish I could be and more. Happy Anniversary.

47. Another year of you and me, and I couldn’t be happier.

48. No words could ever express how much I love you, but that won’t stop me from trying.

49. My love for you is never-ending.

50. I might not like talking about my feelings, but I will always like talking about my feelings for you.

51. Who knew we’d have these many memories to look back on together? I am truly blessed to be with you.

52. I love you, and I always will.

53. Cheers to today and getting to celebrate each other!

54. Thanks for being the brightest light in my life.

55. Happy anniversary to my one and only.


56. My heart has always been searching for you, from the moment it began beating.

57. Thanks for being the reason I still believe in love.

58. I didn’t think it would be possible to love you more than I did on our wedding day, but now I know that I do.

59. I know that nothing could keep us apart — we were destined to live out this life side by side, and I couldn’t be happier.

60. I was incomplete without you, and every day I find myself thankful that we met.

61. Being with you makes me feel like our anniversary is every single day.

62. Thanks for stealing my heart, and for letting me steal yours, too.

63. I now know everything happens for a reason, because it all led me to you.

64. Always and forever, you are the one I want to spend my days with.

65. 365 days together, and I wouldn’t change one thing.

66. Happy anniversary to my inspiration and my happiness.

67. Even all the money in the world couldn’t tear me away from you.

68. Thank you for putting up with all my faults and celebrating all my good qualities.

69. I can’t believe it’s our anniversary already — time goes by so fast when I’m spending it with you.

70. Happy anniversary to the owner of my heart.

71. You are my everything.

72. Happy anniversary to the love of my life, and here’s to many, many more!

73. Every day, I am thankful for the moments we spend together, and today I am the most thankful of all. Happy Anniversary.

74. Happy anniversary to the one who can always pick me up when I’m feeling down.

75. Happy anniversary to the best person I know.


76. Thanks for making me so happy.

77. You are my sunshine.

78. Happy anniversary to my soulmate.

79. Thanks for being you.

80. I love you and cherish you always.

81. Life is better with you in it.

82. Thanks for being my person.

83. Blessed to have you.

84. I love you forever.

85. I’m in for the long haul.

86. Cheers to us!

87. You make my heart soar.

88. Today is for you, my love!

89. I love doing life with you.

90. I will never leave your side.

91. Happy anniversary to my queen/king.

92. I love you more every year.

93. How can someone be this amazing?

94. Happy anniversary to the love of my life.

95. Here’s to my one and only.

96. 365 days of pure bliss with you.

97. Yours is still my favorite face.

98. I love loving you.

99. Another beautiful year of love ahead.

100. Happy anniversary to my other half!


101. Remember, no take-backs on this whole marriage thing, okay?

102. See, I told you I wouldn’t forget. Happy Anniversary!

103. Don’t tell anyone, but I think I have a crush on you! I’m sure you would have never guessed!

104. Every anniversary I get more and more thankful to see how well we’re both aging! Thank goodness and here’s to us!

105. Thank goodness you came into my life and broke up the marriage pact between me and my childhood best friend.

106. Roses are red, violets are blue… and yes, I couldn’t think of anything to write.

107. In case you didn’t hear me from all the times I’ve told you before, I love you.

108. Happy Anniversary! We get to spend another year being broke and suffering together!

109. Happy anniversary to us, and aren’t you impressed with me for remembering?

110. I wanted to thank you for being the strongest person I met — and I know you’re the strongest, because you’re the only one able to put up with me all the time!

111. Just because it’s our anniversary doesn’t mean I forgot that it’s your turn to do the laundry.

112. Thank you so much for always reminding me to remember my keys.

113. Now, if only I could remember your birthday, too! Happy Anniversary.

114. My parents only like you because you’re meaner to me than they are!

115. I love you even when you snore.

116. Happy anniversary to the only person whose annoying habits I can tolerate.

Regardless of whether you’ve reached your first year together, or celebrating a magical 60th diamond anniversary, with each and every year spent together, it’s important to continue communicating and showing each other affection and gratitude.

These wonderful anniversary messages and wishes are great for capturing those thoughts and feelings into words. Whether you want your message to be romantic or comical, thoughtful or fun, this list should give you plenty of inspiration.

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Anniversary Wishes and Messages (list of messages 1-10 from the article).