Desk Organization Gadgets, Accessories, and Essentials to Declutter Your Workspace

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Use our pick of the best desk organization gadgets, accessories, and essentials to declutter your workspace and boost your productivity.

Desk Drawer Organizer

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A desk drawer organizer is an essential item for giving all of your loose and multi-pack items a designated home within your drawer.

With an organizer, you can segment your pencils, pens, sharpers, and so many other items within your drawer. Every time you open your drawer, you’ll feel calm rather than see chaos.

Cord Organizer & Concealer

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Few sights are more stressful to look at than loose cords, tangling together in a heap on your desk.

Yet our cords are essential for keeping our electronics charged and updated, so we always need them on hand.

A cord organizer allows you to keep your cords within arm’s reach without the eyesore and frustration of tangling cords.

Desk Organizer

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Objects of all shapes and sizes can end up cluttering your desk if you don’t have a place to put them. This is where a desk organizer can help.

A desk organizer has both open-top compartments for larger items and small compartments and drawers for paperclips, notepads, and other stationery.

Mail Organizer

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Important documents often come through by mail. But when you start piling up mail in a kitchen corner, you can quickly forget to open or deal with essential mail.

A mail organizer can go a long way to identifying important mail and segmenting it in a safe place.

You can also use a mail organizer to keep envelopes, stamps, and other essentials for sending and receiving letters.

Label Maker

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Labeling your desk essentials is a great way to keep everything organized and accounted for. However, making labels can be a long and competitive chore.

To make labels simply and with ease, a label maker could be a brilliant addition to your desk and workspace accessories.

Paper Shredder

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Identity and financial fraud is always a threat when you have to throw out documents. From tax returns to bank statements, ripping these documents by hand is not enough.

A shredder is a simple and highly effective way of destroying documents you no longer need, without the worry of fraudsters getting their hands on them.

Folder Stand

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Do away with large folders and magazines taking up valuable space on your desk with a folder stand.

With a folder stand as part of your workspace, you can keep a range of folders, books, and magazines upright, organized, and easy to pull out.

Hanging Organizer File Holder

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If you have a filing cabinet or a large drawer to store documents, a hanging organizer file holder is a simple way to keep them organized.

Hanging file holders allow you to label segments. This allows you to keep files in alphabetical order, organized by document type, or stored however you like.

Pocket Folders

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Keep your documents organized and accounted for in some colorful and stylish pocket folders.

Pocket folders come in a wide range of designs. These desk organization essentials can keep your desk decluttered and add a little color and style to your workspace.

Desk Pad Protector

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The more clutter on your desk, the more chance of damage. Pens, pencils, binders, and many other accessories can all cause scratching and dents over time.

A leather desk pad protector not only looks stylish, but it helps keep your desk scratch and dent-free. You can add both color and protection to your workspace with this essential item.

Pen Holder

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I’m sure you have lost count of the number of times you have needed a pen, only to end up trawling through drawers trying to find one.

Pen holders are simple to use and hold more than just pens. They can add a little fun and color to your desk while allowing you to always find a pen when needed.

Post-it Dispenser

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For those frequent times you need to make notes and write down reminders, post-its are ideal to have on hand.

A post-it dispenser keeps your post-it notes in an organized way. It allows you to take one at a time while making sure the sticky seal on the other post-its does not run dry.

Phone/iPad Stand

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We often have our phones and tablets on our desks with us. Whether it be for making phone calls, having two work screens, or entertainment, our devices are important to our work.

However, having them flat on the table means they take up more space. They can also be difficult to find sometimes.

A phone or iPad stand allows you easy access to your devices while decluttering your desk. With your devices elevated, they are also easier to use.

Drawer Divider Organizers

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Our drawers are a great way to declutter our desks. However, our drawers can then instead get cluttered very quickly.

We sometimes have a tendency to just throw everything in drawers, shut them, and not think about it. This is why drawer dividers are one of the best desk organizing gadgets out there.

With expandable arms, you can use them to fit a range of drawer sizes. The more you use, the more segments you can make and organize more items.

For many of us, a messy desk can be debilitating. It can cause stress and anxiety and have a negative effect on productivity.

However, having to constantly clean up your desk is time-consuming, and can feel never-ending.

Equip your workspace with several of the best desk organizational gadgets and accessories, and you will be able to keep your desk tidy all the time.

That way, you can start each workday the right way: feeling relaxed, productive, and ready to get stuff done.

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