19 Wellness Habits to Help You Look and Feel Amazing

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Get inspired to make small changes that help you look great, feel amazing, and become healthier by developing these simple wellness habits every day.

Wellness Habits

Simple wellness habits (list of items 1-14)

In a world of schedules, pressure, and chaos, taking care of your body and wellbeing can often go to the bottom of your to-do list. But as with anything in life, change always has to start small.

These wellness habits you can start developing today. They only focus on making tiny, manageable changes in your life. But if you stick with them, you’ll soon see improvements over weeks and months.

Best Habits

1. Plan Your Day the Evening Before

Waking up knowing what your day looks like and what needs to be done helps you stay focused and productive. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety that can occur from the moment you awake.

You can use a weekly planner printable to help map out your week. Even if your schedule changes, having those targets in mind allows you to remain focused. All you have to do is change the time in which you complete those tasks.

2. Blast Cold Water at the End of Your Shower

While hot showers feel nice, the heat can cause flushes and skin irritation, and it can also make us feel lethargic. Even if just for 5-10 seconds every morning, a quick cold blast at the end of a shower can help jolt our bodies into life and improve circulation.

3. Moisturize with Body Cream or Balm After a Shower

Keeping skin hydrated helps our skin stay healthy and makes us look radiant, healthier, and more confident.

Lotions, however, can sometimes do more harm than good. Certain lotions can instead dry out skin, leading to irritation and dryness.

Just after we shower, our pores are open due to the heat. Use this time to moisturize with skin cream, balm, or ointment rather than lotion, and that will help the skin to stay hydrated throughout the day.

4. Take Supplements and Fish Oils with Breakfast

It can be overwhelming to figure out all the vitamins and minerals we need on a daily basis, and how to get them, be it through sunlight, diet, or other means.

Vitamins such as vitamin B, D, and oils such as omega 3 are easy to get in any supermarket. In one simple tablet or mouthful, they have all we need for the day.

Build the habit of taking them every morning with water or coffee. Leave the vitamins out on the counter if you keep forgetting.

5. Write 5 Things in a Gratitude Journal Every Morning

To help you focus on positives, rather than negatives, start keeping a gratitude journal. Keep it by your bed or in the kitchen by your coffee machine.

Every morning, after you’ve woken up, spend a couple of minutes writing down 5 things you are grateful for, and make this part of your morning routine.

You’ll be able to switch your mindset quickly to a positive one. This will help reduce stress, anxiety, and general well-being.

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6. Sip Tea and Water Often

Resist the urge to drink coffee or sugary drinks when you feel tired, and drink hot tea or water instead. You can easily keep a mug of tea or a bottle of water next to you on your desk.

Sipping these liquids throughout the day will keep you hydrated, and it will help stabilize your mood. The more caffeine and sugar you drink, the more your mood will rise and fall throughout the day.

7. Move for at least 2-5 Minutes Every Hour

Whether you are working, relaxing, or resting, hours can often pass by with our bodies stuck in the same position.

Even a little movement can go a long way to improving well-being and health. Try to get up every hour, and walk around, stretch, or do something around the house for a few minutes. Set a timer every hour on your phone to remind you.

8. Do a Minute of Stretching Every Hour

Stretching doesn’t have to be an hour of pilates or yoga. Every hour, stand up and stretch. Try simple moves like reaching for the sky or touching your toes. Again, use alarms to remind you to do it.

9. Go Outside at Lunch or After Work

There’s nothing like fresh air to calm the nerves and help you feel happier and healthier.

Even when your schedule is packed, try to go outside when taking small breaks. A quick walk at lunch or a little time in the garden can do you a world of good.

10. Message Someone a Nice Thing

As humans, we crave human interaction. So find time at the end of your busy day to just message someone a nice comment or a feel-good titbit. You could WhatsApp, DM, or text someone you haven’t spoken to in a little while.

11. Eat One Meal a Day with No Added Sugar

Keeping to a strict diet can be tough, especially when life gets busy. So start simple by focusing on one snack or meal with no added sugar.

Look at the ingredients on the packet or try to use fresh fruit and vegetables in the dish. Avoid snack bars and takeaway meals for this particular meal or snack.

12. Eat Dinner Before 7pm

Eating before 7 pm allows your body enough time to properly digest your food. This will also ensure you don’t have excess energy at night, and it will help you sleep better.

13. Restrict Screen Time for 2 Hours Before Bed

To stop the harmful effects of blue light disrupting your sleep and triggering anxiety at night, put a curfew on all devices. Instead of using your phone or watching TV, spend time reading, taking a bath, or writing in your journal before bed.

14. Do a 15-Minute Home Workout Every Day

You don’t have to work out four hours or in a faraway gym to feel the benefits of exercising. You can get simple equipment like a yoga mat, skipping rope, or light dumbbells for your home.

Try some 10-15 home workouts. Skipping, pilates, yoga, dancing, bodyweight exercises, and circuits are all simple workouts you can do at home.

They require minimal equipment, and you can design them yourself, or follow a YouTube video or live stream.

More Habits

Change happens gradually, and by making some adjustments in our daily lives. If you want more ways to improve wellness, give some of these ideas a try.

15. Try 10 Minutes of Meditation with the Help of an App

16. Spend a Little Time on a Balance Board Every Day

17. Go on Long Walks at Least Once a Week

18. Soothe Your Body in a Bath with Essential Oils

19. Have a “No Fast Food or Processed Foods” Day

Don’t succumb to feelings of tiredness, stress, and poor physical and mental health. These simple habits often only require a few minutes of your time.

But do them every day, and you’ll start to see positive changes in your mood and well-being. That way, you can work toward a brighter, happier, and more positive you.

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