100+ Ways to Stay Cool in a Heatwave or in the Summer

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If the heat outside is becoming unbearable, our list of 100+ ways to stay cool in summer or a heatwave will give you plenty of ideas for cooling your body down, no matter where you are.

From being able to sleep at night, to preventing dehydration, it’s vitally important to know how to cool yourself down when temperatures outside get very hot. Have a look, and see what can work for you.

Ways to Keep Cool in a Heatwave

100+ Ways to Stay Cool

Ways to Stay Cool at Home

Is the unbearable heat keeping you from sleeping, working remotely, or being comfortable in your own home? Try some of these at-home ideas to keep cool when the weather outside is very hot.

Ways to Keep Cool at Home (list).

1. If you don’t have AC, get a portable AC or window AC if you can.

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2. Keep the blinds or curtains closed while it’s hot outside.

3. Open the windows wide when it cools down.

4. Spray some clean clothes with water and put them in a ziplock bag and in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes before you wear them.

5. Stock up on ice before the heatwave. Many stores run out of bagged ice during heatwaves.

6. Put a bowl of ice cubes in front of a fan.

7. Freeze a pack of peas and use them to cool down.

8. Get a mist spray bottle, fill it with water, and put it in the fridge. Mist as necessary. Note that this is great for your plants as well!

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9. Unplug all the electronics you don’t need (as they emit heat).

10. Avoid cooking inside. Cook outside on the grill if you need to cook and have a grill. Alternatively, use appliances like air fryers instead of ovens.

Ways to Stay Cool Without Power

Whether you’re dealing with a power outage or just very conscious of the cost of running A/C units and other appliances, these neat little hacks are staying for keeping cool without needing power.

Ways to Keep Cool Without Power

11. Get a portable ice chest cooler.

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12. Move into the coolest part of the house. This can change depending on the time of day or night.

13. Use a battery-operated fan.

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14. Leave the house and go to a place with AC (see a list below).

15. Go for a drive in your car with AC.

16. Get instant ice packs.

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17. During a power outage, only open the fridge/freezer when essential so that it can keep the foods colder for longer.

18. Get a hotel room if possible.

19. Use blackout blinds/curtains.

20. Get a generator installed ahead of time (if possible).

Ways to Stay Cool at Night

Relaxing and sleeping at night can become almost impossible when the house is too hot. Try some of these ways to stay cool at night to help you sleep, unwind, and prepare for the day ahead.

Ways to Stay Cool at Night (list).

21. Sleep in an indoor or outdoor hammock instead of a bed (as it allows for better airflow).

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22. Sleep naked or wear loose, breathable fabric pajamas.

23. Put the bed sheets in a plastic bag and in the freezer for about an hour before you go to bed.

24. Use a cooling pillow.

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25. Add ice packs to your bed or frozen water bottles.

26. Go to bed with damp hair.

27. Hang a wet and cold sheet in front of the window (works in low humidity areas).

28. Put the duvet away, and sleep only with a sheet.

29. Get small clip-on fans for the bed.

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30. Use a cooling gel mattress topper or a cooling bed system.

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Ways to Keep Cool Outside

If you have to venture outside into the heat for a variety of reasons, be sure to stay safe, protected, hydrated, and covered with some of these simple and effective ideas.

Ways to Keep Cool Outside (list).

31. Wear cotton or linen clothes (as opposed to synthetic fabrics).

32. Wear baggy clothes that allow for airflow.

33. Freeze a water bottle and take it with you when you leave the house.

34. Carry a portable handheld fan with you.

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35. Get a cooling towel.

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36. Use an umbrella with UV protection.

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37. Avoid going out during the hottest times of the day (usually between 11 AM and 4 PM).

38. Hydrate with water or with electrolyte water/drinks.

39. Use an insulated water bottle.

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40. Wear a cooling hat.

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41. Carry a facial spray for misting.

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42. Seek shade.

43. Wear sunglasses.

44. Avoid physical activities like hiking and running outside during a heatwave.

45. Don’t leave children or animals alone in a car, even if the window is open!

46. Know the signs of a heat stroke and first aid before you go out.

Unique or Surprising Ways to Stay Cool

There are many different ways you can lower your body’s temperature, some of which are not that obvious. Have a look at these unique and surprising ways to stay cool, and see if there are any ideas in this section you feel could work well for you.

Unique and Surprising Ways to Keep Cool (list).

47. Eat spicy foods

48. Eat foods high in water content (see a list below).

49. Use a cooling neck wrap.

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50. Cool down key zones on your body (temples, neck, wrists, elbow bends, behind the knees, and ankles).

51. Put gel ice packs under your feet.

52. Soak feet in cold water.

53. Put foil on the windows. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), covering the windows with aluminum foil-covered cardboard will reflect heat back outside, reducing the heat going into your home through the windows.

54. Run through your outside sprinklers.

55. Keep your face creams and lotions in the fridge so that they’re cold when applying.

56. Do all activities that create heat late at night or early in the morning, including running the washing machine, dryer, or dishwasher.

57. Use an outdoor misting cooling system in your backyard.

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58. Get an ice vest.

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Places You Can Go that Have AC

In high heat, air conditioning is without a doubt one of the fastest and easiest ways to cool down. However, not everyone has an AC unit at home. And for those who do, the rising cost of energy is making them very expensive to run.

So if you’re looking for a welcome blast of icy cold air to cool your body down, give some of these places a visit that, more often than not, will have AC.

59. The supermarket (particularly the frozen and chilled aisles).

60. The shopping malls.

61. Various shops/stores.

62. Movie theaters/cinemas.

63. Museums.

64. Public libraries.

65. Coffee shops.

66. Restaurants.

67. Pubs or bars (but don’t drink alcohol).

68. Cooling centers (some cities set up cooling centers during heatwaves).

69. Coworking spaces (where you can use a day pass).

70. The office (if you have one with AC).

Foods High in Water Content to Keep You Hydrated

While obviously drinking water and fluids is the best way to stay hydrated, there are, in fact, many foods you can eat that can help you stay hydrated and cool you down.

Before heading to the grocery store with the hot weather on the horizon, add some of these foods to your list.

Good Foods to Eat to Keep Cool (list).

71. Cucumbers

72. Tomatoes

73. Watercress

74. Lettuce

75. Watermelons

76. Cantaloupes

77. Strawberries (and all berries!)

78. Pineapples

79. Oranges

80. Apples

Foods and Drinks to Avoid if You Want to Stay Cool

On the other end of the spectrum, these foods and drinks should be avoided or limited if you want to keep your body cool. Take note of them, and be conscious of this in times of high temperatures.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid  if You Want to Stay Cool.

81. Avoid alcohol.

82. Limit caffeine intake.

83. Avoid sugary foods.

84. Avoid sodas/soft drinks.

85. Limit meat consumption.

86. Avoid fried foods.

Products to Keep You Cool

There are some great products out there designed to cool you down in a variety of places, situations, and ways.

If you’re happy to invest a little time and money, take a look at some of these great products for cooling you down.

Products You Can Buy to Stay Cool (list).

87. Portable AC

88. Tower fan

89. Handheld mini fan

90. Cooling towel

91. Cooling neck wrap

92. Cooling socks

93. Insulated water bottle

94. Mist spray bottle

95. Car sunshades

96. Cooling car seat cushion

97. Cooling pillow

98. Moisture-wicking cooling sheets

99. Cooling hat

100. Moisture-wicking underwear

101. Cooling gel bra inserts

102. Cooling wristbands

103. Cooling blanket

104. Ice chest cooler

105. Wearable neck fan

106. Cooling water stick

107. Popsicle bags

108. Cooling elevated pet bed

109. Cooling mat for pets

When temperatures soar, it’s so important to take the issue of body temperature and hydration seriously. Yes, hot summer weather brings with it a lot of fun and outdoor adventures, but it can also be dangerous and cause many problems.

Use these ways to stay cool to help you lower your body temperature when things start to get uncomfortable. From cool hacks to awesome products, there’s so much you can do to keep yourself cool, safe, and protected in hot weather.

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