Mother’s Day Ideas – 60 Activities and Gestures to Make Mom Smile

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What to do for a woman who always puts others ahead of herself, right? With one or more of these Mother’s Day ideas, you’ll be able to give her a super fun day that’s all about her!

I’ve covered all types of moms in this list. There are ideas for adventurous moms, things you can do if you’re staying in, and ideas to keep things low-key and not spend a lot of money. Make mom smile, and make this day about her.

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By the way, you can get this list as a printable. Just scroll to the bottom to find the download link, and have fun checking off some of the ideas.

For the Fun and Adventurous Moms

Yes, there are absolutely moms out there who’ll zipline, skydive, and do fun runs. However, I wanted to try to make this list a little more practical. So if you’re happy to make a real day of it, and mom wants to do something a little different, try some of these.

  • Enjoy Wine Tasting at a Vineyard
  • Book a Cooking Class or Cocktail-Making Class
  • Go to a Show or Musical
  • Book a Hobby-Based Class
  • Road Trip to Place She’s Always Wanted to Visit
  • Book a Glamping Weekend
  • Book the Tasting Menu at a Fancy Restaurant
  • Pretend She’s a Celebrity for a Day
  • Book a River Cruise
  • Get Tickets to a Music Festival

At-Home Ideas

I get it—Mother’s Day can be a bit hectic if you go out. So why not host or go to Mom’s house and do something fun? These ideas work at home and can be just as fun and enjoyable as going out.

  • Plan a Tea Party and Invite Her Friends for a Joint Mother’s Day
  • Organize a DIY Jewelry-Making Session
  • Cook Her Favorite Meal
  • Have a Board Game or Card Game Night
  • Plan a Family Bake-Off Competition
  • Throw a Garden Party or Backyard Picnic
  • Plan a Mother’s Day Brunch
  • Have a Wine Tasting – At-Home Supermarket Edition
  • Recreate Old Family Photos Now You’re Older and Take Photos
  • Organize a Fashion Show with Friends and Family at Home

Virtual Ideas at a Distance

If you live away from mom and can’t fly or drive back, why not organize a virtual Mother’s Day? Try some of these ideas.

list of 10 virtual mothers day ideas on a colorful infographic
  • Virtual Movie Night
  • Take a Virtual Trip
  • Have Mimosas or Happy Hour over Zoom
  • Have a Virtual Book Club
  • Have a Virtual Spa Day
  • Book an Online Cooking Class
  • Host an Online Board Game Night
  • Sign up for an Online Dance Class
  • Book an Online Activity
  • Buy a Gift Card/Voucher for Future In-Person Activity

More Long-Distance Ideas Here: 10+ Fun Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas to Give Your Mom the Perfect Day

Things You Can Do with Kids

If you want it to just be you and mom or get her something she can do herself, go for it. But Mother’s Day can be great to get your kids involved, so that she gets time with her grandkids. Celebrate together with some of these ideas.

  • Have a Generational Family Photoshoot
  • Plan a ‘Through the Eras’ Karaoke Party
  • Create a Time Capsule Together
  • Card-Making and Crafts with the Kids for Mom
  • Photobooth and Chocolate Fountain Party
  • Trip to the Aquarium
  • Have a Beach Day
  • Record Video Messages from the Whole Family
  • Make Mother’s Day Coupons She Can Use Any Time
  • Have a Craft Afternoon and Make a Paper Family Tree

Self-Care and Relaxing Ideas

Moms often put everyone else ahead of themselves, right? So, use Mother’s Day for some much-needed self-care, relaxation, and recharge time.

  • Book a Mani-Pedi
  • Face Masks and Movie
  • Spa Day and Brunch
  • Gift Her a DIY At-Home Spa Basket
  • Wine and Paint Evening
  • Take Her Beauty/Clothes Shopping
  • Take Her Plant/Garden Shopping
  • Book Her a Bonsai Workshop
  • Yoga or Wellness Retreat
  • Trip to an Art Gallery

On a Budget

Most of us would love nothing more than to give mom the dream Caribbean getaway she definitely deserves. But the realities of today mean that even an expensive meal can be too much of a stretch.

I actually think this is my favorite list. These ideas are so simple and cost little to nothing, but they give you and your mom the most important thing—time together.

10 ideas for mothers day on a budget in a colorful infographic
  • Compile Her Recipes into a Family Cookbook
  • Go on a Nostalgic Road Trip to a Former Home/College/Town
  • Volunteer Together at an Animal or Local Charity
  • Design a Personal Scavenger/Treasure Hunt Around Local Area
  • Plan a Sunset Picnic
  • Cook Her Favorite Breakfast or Brunch Dish at Home
  • Photo and Scrapbooking Afternoon
  • Take her Window Shopping and Try on Fancy Clothes
  • Plant New Seeds or Flowers in the Garden
  • Free Museum Visit

Get my full idea as a printable below.

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I really, really hope this list gave you even one ‘light bulb’ moment for Mother’s Day. You really don’t have to show your appreciation with over-the-top gestures and expensive gifts – often, some quality family time is more than enough for a magical day.

Let me know in the comments what you did for Mother’s Day, and how much mom loved it!

Oh, and remember to pin this list to one of your boards. When it’s time to start planning, you can get my list and start planning.

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