100+ Food Trivia Questions That Will Leave You Feeling Peckish!

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Whether you’re a foodie, or just love to gorge on the finer things in life, these 100+ food trivia questions are ideal for bringing a little food-themed fun to your gathering, dinner party, or game night.

Food Trivia Questions

Food Trivia Questions (list of questions 1-10 from the article).


1. In Italy, what vegetable is also called a ‘crazy apple’?

Answer: Eggplant (aubergine).

2. What type of sushi was made by Japanese chefs in Los Angeles to introduce Americans to the traditional food?

Answer: California roll.

3. What is Garfield’s favorite dish?

Answer: Lasagne.

4. The five basic tastes are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and …?

Answer: Umami. 

5. Which country is home to the deep-fried Mars bar?

Answer: Scotland. 

6. What color is the inside of a dragonfruit?

Answer: Pink or white.

7. In the UK, ‘bangers’ is a different name for what food item?

Answer: Sausages.

8. What fruit is banned in many indoor locations because of its smell?

Answer: Durian.

9. Some people dip their fries in mayonnaise, while others prefer to dip them in something sweet. What is it?

Answer: Milkshake.

10. What is the common name for pineapple in non-English speaking countries?

Answer: Ananas.

11. Vegans can prepare realistic, meatless pulled pork by using…?

Answer: Jackfruit.

12. What is the least common M&M color?

Answer: Brown.

13. Which country is Heineken beer from?

Answer: The Netherlands.

14. What food used to be for peasants, but is now considered a luxury item?

Answer: Caviar.


15. What is the main ingredient in guacamole?

Answer: Avocados.

16. Which country are burritos from?

Answer: Mexico.

17. Basil is the main ingredient in which popular green pasta sauce?

Answer: Pesto.

18. The most common food allergy is…?

Answer: Nuts.

19. What type of fruit is Pink Lady?

Answer: Apple.

20. Where is gelato originally from?

Answer: Italy.

21. What does a vegetarian not eat?

Answer: Meat.

22. Oranges are rich in which vitamin?

Answer: Vitamin C.

23. When you heat sugar, what can you make?

Answer: Caramel.

24. What is coffee made out of?

Answer: Coffee beans.

25. The two most famous cola brands are…?

Answer: Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

26. What toppings are on a Margherita pizza?

Answer: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil.

27. What item is often used in Asian countries instead of forks and knives?

Answer: Chopsticks.

28. Where did sushi originate?

Answer: Japan.

29. Snow White fell into a deep sleep after eating a poisoned…?

Answer: Apple.

30. What ingredient makes bread rise?

Answer: Yeast.

31. Which condiments are usually put on a hot dog?

Answer: Mustard and ketchup.

32. At the butcher, you can usually only buy…?

Answer: Meat.

33. What types of food are Gouda, Feta, and Cheddar?

Answer: Cheese. 

34. What are the two main ingredients of strawberry jam?

Answer: Strawberries and sugar.

35. What is the overall name of food items like yogurt, cheese, and milk?

Answer: Dairy.


36. What is the pigment called that gives oranges and carrots their orange color?

Answer: Beta carotene.

37. What is the most eaten food in the world?

Answer: Rice.

38. What is the name of a palate-cleansing dish, often served between two main courses?

Answer: Intermezzo.

39. Green tea and black tea are made from the Camellia sinensis plant. What other tea is also made from this plant?

Answer: White tea.

40. What flowers make vanilla?

Answer: Orchids.

41. In the USA, yellow Fanta is pineapple-flavored. But what flavor is yellow Fanta in the UK?

Answer: Lemon.

42. Which country is the largest producer of coffee beans?

Answer: Brazil.

43. Marzipan is made by using which nut?

Answer: Almonds.

44. Traditionally, caviar consists of the eggs of which fish?

Answer: Sturgeon.

45. What is the main ingredient to make tofu?

Answer: Soy milk.

46. What type of mushroom is often used to make vegan chicken wings?

Answer: Oyster mushroom.

47. The Italian term ‘carpaccio’ is used to refer to what type of food item?

Answer: Thinly sliced, raw meat.

48. What is Caboc?

Answer: Traditional cream cheese from Scotland.

49. Where was Tabasco first made?

Answer: USA (in Louisiana).

50. Baklava is made by using what type of dough/pastry?

Answer: Filo (phyllo).

51. What is Kombucha?

Answer: Fermented tea.

52. What is the name of the traditional bread eaten during Jewish holidays?

Answer: Challah.

53. Which vegetable can take up to 3 years to harvest for the first time?

Answer: Asparagus.


54. What fruit can hold over 1000 seeds?

Answer: Pomegranate.

55. What vegetable juice has been used as red dye since 1500?

Answer: Beetroot.

56. When was cheesecake first served?

Answer: During the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece (to provide athletes with energy).

57. What vegetable has more protein than steak?

Answer: Broccoli.

58. The world’s hottest chili pepper is named…?

Answer: Carolina Reaper.

59. John Glenn was the first to eat in space. What did he eat?

Answer: Apple sauce.

60. What was cola originally used for after its invention?

Answer: Medicine.

61. The name of which sweet food item comes from the Aztec drink ‘xocolatl’?

Answer: Chocolate.

62. What is the name of the most expensive steak in the world?

Answer: Wagyu.

63. ‘Ladies’ fingers’ is another name for which vegetable?

Answer: Okra.

64. Traditionally, mozzarella cheese is made out of the milk of what animal?

Answer: Water buffalo.

65. What is special about the liquor Spirytus Rektyfikowany Vodka?

Answer: It’s the world’s strongest alcoholic drink (96%).

66. Which country produces about two-thirds of vanilla globally?

Answer: Madagascar.

67. What is a kumquat?

Answer: A bite-size, orange-like fruit.

68. How many lbs was the heaviest Thanksgiving turkey according to the Guinness World Record?

Answer: 86 lbs (39 kg).

69. What is the name of a wine made from red and white grapes?

Answer: Blue wine.

70. What is the English meaning of the chips name Doritos?

Answer: Little golden things.

American Food

71. In which state was Coca-Cola served first?

Answer: Georgia.

72. What does the saying “As American as apple pie” mean?

Answer: Something is typically American.

73. In 2022, Florida changed its original state dessert, key lime pie, to …?

Answer: Strawberry Shortcake.

74. What are the two most popular breakfast foods in America?

Answer: Bacon and eggs.

75. New York is home to the first factory for what type of pasta?

Answer: Macaroni.

76. Popeye increased the consumption of which vegetable by a third in the USA?

Answer: Spinach.

77. What are S’mores made of?

Answer: Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers.

78. Which American city is known for deep-dish pizza?

Answer: Chicago.

79. What is the name of the famous dish with seafood on a bun?

Answer: Lobster roll.

80. Potatoes in a triangle shape, often eaten for breakfast, are called…?

Answer: Hash browns.

81. What are the 3 main ingredients of a BLT sandwich?

Answer: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato.

82. Which American city is famous for its sourdough bread?

Answer: San Francisco.

83. What dish is usually eaten with oyster crackers?

Answer: Clam chowder.

84. What does GORP stand for?

Answer: Good Old Raisins and Peanuts (an energy-fueling snack).

85. What signature dish from Louisiana is made with andouille sausage and shrimp?

Answer: Jambalaya.

World Food

86. Manchego is a Spanish cheese made of …?

Answer: Sheep’s milk.

87. What fish dish is considered a special delicacy in Iceland?

Answer: Fermented shark.

88. Sake is a popular Japanese alcoholic drink. What is it made of?

Answer: Rice.

89. Which animal’s heart, liver and lungs are used to make haggis, a traditional Scottish dish?

Answer: A sheep’s.

90. What gives tiramisu its unique flavor?

Answer: Coffee.

91. Ceviche is a traditional staple in which country?

Answer: Peru.

92. The Malaysian dish Nasi Lemak is made of which key ingredients?

Answer: Rice, coconut milk, and pandan leaves.

93. Fufu is a popular dish in central and western Africa and is made of …?

Answer: Starchy foods like plantain or cassava.

94. Where did bubble tea originate?

Answer: Taiwan.

95. What city in Germany has a museum dedicated to its traditional fast food Currywurst?

Answer: Berlin.

96. Halloumi cheese comes from which country?

Answer: Cyprus.

97. What is special about the Korean food kimchi?

Answer: It’s fermented cabbage.

98. In the Netherlands, what do people traditionally eat during New Year’s Eve?

Answer: Oliebollen (fried dough balls, plain or with raisins).

99. What is the most commonly used legume to make falafel in Middle Eastern cuisine?

Answer: Chickpeas.

100. Where does the peri-peri flavoring originally come from?

Answer: Portugal.

More Food Trivia Questions

101. What is a folded pizza called?

Answer: Calzone.

102. What are you afraid of if you suffer from Mageirocophobia?

Answer: Cooking.

103. Which tea has the most health benefits?

Answer: Green tea.

104. What grows in a paddy field?

Answer: Rice.

105. Asian food and fast food commonly use a flavor enhancer called…?

Answer: MSG.

106. How many different pasta shapes exist?

Answer: More than 600.

107. ‘Little worms’ is the English translation of which Italian pasta name?

Answer: Vermicelli.

108. Which famous pasta dish did President Thomas Jefferson bring to the US?

Answer: Mac and cheese.

109. The only fruit that has seeds on the outside is a…?

Answer: Strawberry.

110. What are cruciferous vegetables?

Answer: Vegetables such as cauliflower, kale, cabbage, and bok choy.

111. How many varieties of avocados are there?

Answer: Around 500.

Suitable for all ages and occasions, a quick-fire bout of food trivia is guaranteed fun for everyone involved.

You could go all out and make it a super section of your organized quiz night, or just ask these questions to a friend or partner when bored on the bus.

But however you use these questions, you’ll definitely be feeling hungry after you’ve finished answering them!

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Food Trivia Questions (list of questions 1-10 from the article).