100+ Music Trivia Questions for a Night of Qs, Tunes, and Nostalgia

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These 100+ music trivia questions can help you run a music-themed quiz night the whole family can enjoy. From the 1980s to Christmas classics, prepare for plenty of deep thinking, tune humming, and nostalgic moments that take you back to the dancefloor!

Music Trivia Questions 

Music Trivia Questions (list of questions from the article).

Easy Music Trivia Questions 

1. Which female artist released the song ‘Hero’ in 1993?

Answer: Mariah Carey.

2. Which famous singer played Hannah Montana?

Answer: Miley Cyrus.

3. Who wrote and performed the 1973 hit song called ‘Piano Man’?

Answer: Billy Joel.

4. Whose trademark move was the moonwalk?

Answer: Michael Jackson.

5. What accessory is Elton John known for?

Answer: Glasses.

6. Who wrote and performed ‘Jenny From the Block’?

Answer: Jennifer Lopez.

7. Which band did Justin Timberlake start his career in?

Answer: NSYNC.

8. Where did K-pop originate from?

Answer: South Korea.

9. What famous duet was in the movie Grease?

Answer: You’re the One That I Want.

10. In what city and state is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Answer: Cleveland, Ohio.

11. What is Taylor Swift’s 2022 new album name?

Answer: Midnights.

12. What city are the Beatles originally from?

Answer: Liverpool.

13. What famous music festival takes place in Indio, California?

Answer: Coachella.

14. What is the biggest music festival in the UK?

Answer: Glastonbury.

15. What were the Grammy Awards originally called?

Answer: Gramophone Awards.

16. Who was the artist who broke the record for most Grammy wins when she won her 32nd Grammy in 2023?

Answer: Beyoncé.

17. Who was the lead vocalist (as well as co-founder, guitarist, and primary songwriter) for the band Nirvana?

Answer: Kurt Cobain.

18. What band released the 1965 hit song ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’?

Answer: The Rolling Stones.

19. What band released the 1992 hit song ‘November Rain’?

Answer: Guns N’ Roses.

20. What band released the 1975 hit song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’?

Answer: Queen.

Pop Music Trivia Questions 

21. Which famous pop artist has an exclamation mark in her name?

Answer: P!nk.

22. What is Rihanna’s full name?

Answer: Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

23. How big is Mariah Carey’s vocal range?

Answer: 5 octaves.

24. In what country was Shakira born?

Answer: Colombia.

25. Who sings ‘Gangnam Style’?

Answer: PSY.

26. Which artist wouldn’t show her face for the longest time?

Answer: SIA.

27. Whose real name is Peter Gene Hernandez?

Answer: Bruno Mars.

28. In what country was Justin Bieber born?

Answer: Canada.

29. Who is known as the King of Pop?

Answer: Michael Jackson.

30. What is the stage name of the singer Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

Answer: Lady Gaga.

80s Music Trivia Questions 

31. Who sang the 1984 song ‘Take on Me’?

Answer: A-ha.

32. In what movie was the song ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’?

Answer: The Breakfast Club.

33. What Welsh singer sang the 1983 ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’?

Answer: Bonnie Tyler.

34. What singer (nicknamed ‘The Voice’) sang the 1987 ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’?

Answer: Whitney Houston.

35. What is the famous 1984 song by Prince that shares its name with the film starring Prince?

Answer: Purple Rain.

36. Who is known as the Queen of Pop? Hint: She sings the hit 1984 single ‘Material Girl.’

Answer: Madonna.

37. What American rock band released the 1986 ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’?

Answer: Bon Jovi.

38. What singer is nicknamed ‘The Boss’? Hint: He released the 1984 ‘Born in the U.S.A.’?

Answer: Bruce Springsteen.

39. Who is the lead vocalist and lyricist of Irish rock band U2?

Answer: Bono (Paul David Hewson).

40. What English rock band released the 1983 hit song ‘Every Breath You Take’?

Answer: The Police.

90s Music Trivia Questions 

41. What Danish-Norwegian Europop band released the 1997 hit song ‘Barbie Girl’?

Answer: Aqua.

42. Who performed the 1995 song ‘Wonderwall’?

Answer: Oasis.

43. What is the famous English girl band of the 90s that released the song ‘Wannabe’?

Answer: Spice Girls.

44. Which artist won a Grammy in 1996 for the best reggae album?

Answer: Shaggy.

45. What band has a music video of them running naked through the LA streets?

Answer: Blink-182.

46. Which Irish 90’s star is popular for her bald head?

Answer: Sinéad O’Connor.

47. Whose 1994 hit was named ‘All I Wanna Do’?

Answer: Sheryl Crow.

48. Where is the artist Björk from?

Answer: Iceland.

49. Who wrote and performed the song Genie in a Bottle in 1999?

Answer: Christina Aguilera.

50. What American boy band released the 1999 ‘I Want It That Way’?

Answer: Backstreet Boys.

2000s Music Trivia Questions 

51. Who sings the 2007 song ‘Umbrella’?

Answer: Rihanna

52. Who sings a song about kissing a girl?

Answer: Katy Perry.

53. Who sings the 2004 song ‘Hollaback Girl’?

Answer: Gwen Stefani.

54. Who sings the 2006 song ‘London Bridge?’

Answer: Fergie.

55. Who sings the 2005 song ‘I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor’?

Answer: Arctic Monkeys.

56. Who sings the song ‘The Scientist’?

Answer: Coldplay.

57. Who wrote and sang the 2004 song ‘If I Ain’t Got You’?

Answer: Alicia Keys.

58. Who performed and wrote the 2003 song ‘Numb’?

Answer: Linkin Park.

59. Which 2000s star was known for being a skater girl?

Answer: Avril Lavigne.

60. Who won the first season of American Idol in 2002?

Answer: Kelly Clarkson.

bonus. What band is Hayley Williams in?

Answer: Paramore.

Country Music Trivia Questions 

61. Who wrote and sang the 1973 country song ‘Jolene’?

Answer: Dolly Parton.

62. Who is often referred to as ‘The Queen of Country Pop’? Hint: She is also the best-selling female artist in the history of country music, having sold over 100 million records.

Answer: Shania Twain.

63. Who sings the country song ‘Chicken Fried’?

Answer: Zac Brown Band. 

64. Who sang the 1971 song ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’?

Answer: John Denver.

65. What country artist recorded a very successful live album at Folson State Prison?

Answer: Johnny Cash.

66. What was Taylor Swift’s debut single called?

Answer: Tim McGraw.

67. What was Blake Shelton’s first single called?

Answer: Austin.

68. Which artist sings the 2005 song ‘Before He Cheats’?

Answer: Carrie Underwood.

69. What region does country music have its folksong roots?

Answer: Southern Appalachian Mountains.

70. Who wrote the original 1991 song ‘Walking in Memphis’?

Answer: Marc Cohn.

Rock Music Trivia Questions 

71. What was the 1992 debut single of the English rock band Radiohead?

Answer: ‘Creep.’

72. What song features the refrain:

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give, and you give
And you give yourself away.

Answer: ‘With or Without You’ by U2.

73. What rockstar performs the guitar solo on ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’?

Answer: Slash.

74. What Australian rock band released the 1979 single ‘Highway to Hell’?

Answer: AC/DC

75. Which artist was in both the Foo Fighters and Nirvana?

Answer: Dave Grohl.

76. Who sang and wrote the 1975 song ‘Born to Run’?

Answer: Bruce Springsteen.

77. Who sang and wrote the 1972 song ‘Starman’?

Answer: David Bowie.

78. What British rock band released the 1969 song ‘Whole Lotta Love’?

Answer: Led Zeppelin.

79. Who performed the 1981 rendition of the song ‘I Love Rock ‘n Roll’?

Answer: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

80. Who is known as the King of Rock and Roll?

Answer: Elvis Presley.

Movie Music Trivia Questions 

81. Who composed the famous Jaws soundtrack?

Answer: John Williams.

82. Who composed the Interstellar movie soundtrack?

Answer: Hans Zimmer.

83. Who wrote the “Hakuna Matata’ song?

Answer: Elton John (with lyrics by Time Rice).

84. What famous American rapper was in the movie 8 Mile?

Answer: Eminem.

85. What was the name of the theme song in the movie ‘9 to 5’?

Answer: 9 to 5.

86. What song by Kenny Loggins is in a famous 1984 film that shares the same name?

Answer: Footloose.

87. Who sings the song ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’ from the 1987 film ‘Dirty Dancing’?

Answer: Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.

88. The 2005 film ‘Walk the Line’ with Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Pheonix was about the life of what famous country singer-songwriter?

Answer: Johnny Cash. 

89. What character sings the song ‘Hear the Bells’ in the Hairspray original motion picture?

Answer: Tracy Turnblad.

90. What was the name of the Beatles’ 1964 first feature film?

Answer: A Hard Day’s Night.

More Music Trivia Questions 

91. Who sings the 2016 song ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’?

Answer: Charlie Puth (featuring vocals from Selena Gomez).

92. Who originally wrote ‘I Will Always Love You’?

Answer: Dolly Parton.

93. What nickname did Stevie Ray Vaughn give his Stratocaster guitar, which was bought for him by his wife and friends on his birthday?

Answer: Lenny.

94. What state is Bruce Springsteen from?

Answer: New Jersey.

95. What year was the English rock band Led Zeppelin formed?

Answer: 1968.

96. What American rock band recorded the song ‘Don’t Stop Believing’?

Answer: Journey.

97. Who wrote Aretha Franklin’s song ‘Respect’?

Answer: Otis Redding.

98. Who composed ‘Clair de Lune’?

Answer: Claude Debussy.

99. Who composed ‘Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565’?

Answer: Bach.

100. What was the Jingle Bells song initially called?

Answer: The One Horse Open Sleigh.

101. What is the top-selling Christmas album of all time, having sold more than 10 million copies (by RIAA certification)?

Answer: Elvis Presley’s ‘Elvis’ Christmas Album.’

Trivia night is always a good idea, and music is something plenty of people can get involved with.

There are over 100 questions here to get you started. Feel free to use them, help you come up with more questions, and give your quiz some structure. Oh, and when you’re done, make sure you put the tunes on to celebrate!

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Save these music-themed trivia questions to one of your party planning boards. A music quiz could certainly be on the cards when friends and family come round.

Music Trivia Questions (list of questions from the article).

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