Letters to Santa – Printables Your Kids Will Love (Free and Premium)

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My letters to Santa can light up your kids’ faces when it’s time to write to the man himself. This is such a fun activity to do with your little ones.

Letters to Santa Printables

Writing a letter to Santa is one of those magical moments in any kid’s life. These letters will help them draft a message to Santa full of their wishes and favorite things.

There’s a free, simple version for you to download, which has everything you need to write an awesome letter. I’ve also done a letter pack full of fun designs and extra questions for them to answer.

Free Letter

My free letter to Santa keeps things simple but gives their letter a good structure. They could even doodle and color in the white spaces and make the letter their own.

Letters to Santa Pack

If you want more options and some lovely designs, take a closer look at my letters to Santa pack.

Letters to Santa (pack)

What you get in this pack:

Simple Letter – Great to quickly print off and write a meaningful letter to Santa.

Handwritten Letter – This letter uses a lovely handwritten font and comes with a north pole border. There are more lines to write more wishes and wants for Santa himself.

Cartoon Santa Letter – Santa himself makes an appearance on this letter. Your kids can also tell him the ways in which they’ve been good this year, and then write their wish list.

Gorgeous Santa’s Sleigh Letter – With plenty of color, Santa and his reindeer, and lots of questions to fill in, this is a beautiful letter to send him.

Get it here

Make writing letters to Santa a real fun event for your kids. Get some nice envelopes, print off these letters, and have fun writing their wish list with them.

I would love to know in the comments what your kids thought of these letters, and which one was their favorite.

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Letters to Santa (pack)