20 Essential Toiletries for Travel You Should Never Forget

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Assure any trip away runs smoothly by packing these essential toiletries for travel, freeing up your time and energy to focus on having fun and making memories while away.

Essential Toiletries for Travel

Essential toiletries packing

1. Shampoo

You need a good travel shampoo for your hair. You can go with your regular brand of shampoo and just pack it in a leak-proof travel bottle.

If you already have too many liquid products, you may want to go with a solid shampoo bar. And you get bonus karma points if you go with an eco-friendly brand!

A great addition, if you have more space, is a dry shampoo, which will reduce the number of liquid toiletries you need to take. 

2. Conditioner

As with the shampoo, you can bring conditioner in a leak-proof travel bottle or choose to pack a solid conditioner bar.

3. Body Wash

To cut back on liquids, bring a travel-size bar soap which will save you some space. I really prefer body wash to bar soaps, but you can jazz up the bar soap by picking something like this Bali soap scented with coconut, papaya, vanilla, lemongrass, or jasmine.

If you’re going on a short trip and don’t need a whole bar soap, you can always cut a bar soap in half and bring only half with you, saving space in your bag.

4. Deodorant Wipes

These wipes can help you clean whenever you feel sweaty during your trip but don’t have immediate access to a shower. Great for those trips to warm climates or active trips that involve hiking and other sweat-inducing activities.

There are many types of deodorant wipes nowadays, but it’s probably the best to choose the type which doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or leave a sticky residue after use. These alcohol-free deodorant wipes from Dove will leave you smelling fresh like cucumber and green tea.

5. Facial Moisturizer

Pick a moisturizer with SPF for the best protection while traveling.

6. Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Toothpaste is the most commonly forgotten toiletry item among travelers. So, make sure you don’t forget it together with your toothbrush.

You can go green and choose an eco-friendly toothbrush.

When it comes to your toothpaste, you can pick toothpaste, toothpaste powder or even toothpaste tablets to cut back on weight and space.

7. Dental Floss

Besides being important for your oral health, floss can also help tie bits and bobs together.

8. Nail Clippers Set

You can pick travel one with 20 pieces for long trips. If you pick portable nail clippers, then you can likely bring them on board in your carry-on, according to the TSA.

You should know not everyone around the world follows the same rules as the TSA. In Cambodia, one of my friends had to throw away her nail clippers when going through airport security (despite having gone through multiple countries and airports already with the same nail clippers). So, bring them in your carry on at your own risk.

9. Deodorant

You’d be surprised how hard it can be to find your favorite deodorant in some places. My personal favorite is Secret Clinical, and it’s impossible to find it when traveling in certain countries outside the U.S.

Therefore, bring your favorite deodorant with you, and if you want to cut back on liquids, pick the solid version of your favorite deodorant.  

10. Razor

You can now find travel-sized razors that are just as good as their larger versions.

11. Cotton Pads and Q-Tips

Versatile and useful for removing makeup, fixing makeup, cleaning your ears, and more — make sure to pack a handful of cotton rounds and q-tips. You can even find eco-friendly cotton rounds and cotton swabs.

12. Travel Bottles

You can use flexible, leak-proof travel bottles to bring some of your products at home, such as shampoo, body lotion, or body wash, instead of buying travel-sized products. They are travel-sized, easy to pack, fill, and squeeze the product out.

They are easy to clean as well, so you can reuse them for all your trips. 

13. Hand Sanitizer Spray

This product can be very handy when traveling and not being able to wash your hands whenever you want, or when traveling with kids. You can choose a spray, foam, gel, or wipes sanitizer.

14. Mirror

Bring a portable travel mirror with you, preferably one made of metal or thin acrylic. Although this type of mirror material is heavier, it’s less prone to breakage than glass. 

15. Sunscreen

Make sure you pack sunscreen to keep your face and skin protected from the harmful sun rays. You can buy powder sunscreen you can apply with the built-in brush.

16. Hairbrush

You don’t want your hair messy during your entire trip, so find a travel-sized hairbrush, like this small wood hairbrush, and bring it with you. 

17. Hand Lotion

Even though this may be an extra toiletry item for many people, others can’t go a day without a hand lotion. If you belong to the second group of people, find a travel-sized hand lotion you can carry with youu.

18. Feminine Hygiene Products

In Hoi An and Da Nang, Vietnam, it was practically impossible to find tampons. So, if that’s what you prefer to use on your period, definitely bring them with you on your trip.

19. Toiletry Bag

Pick a toiletry bag with room for all your makeup as well. If you bring beauty products, including makeup on your trips, you’d want them safe while traveling instead of getting them crumbled or ruined.

20. Travel Towel

Pack an absorbent microfiber travel towel, which can fold up super small and dry quickly. This type of towel is great for hostels, the beach, or anywhere you go. It may cost a little more than a regular towel, but it’s definitely a smart decision. 

Don’t leave things to chance when leaving home to go on a trip, be it domestic or abroad.

A little planning and forward-thinking can go a long way to keeping you comfortable and safe, particularly if you’re traveling somewhere remote where pharmacies and supermarkets are hard to find.

Pack these essential toiletries, and never have to worry about finding these important items while away. That way, you can enjoy every minute of your trip, the way it was intended to be.

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20 Essential Toiletries for Travel You Should Never Forget