12 Star Template Printables That Are Out of this World!

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Add a little star quality into your life with these beautiful and fun star template printables, giving your kids hours of fun coloring, doodling, and cutting out.

Stars have a big meaning in a kid’s life. Stars are associated with success, achievement, and thinking big.

These star template printables cover lots of different styles and meanings of stars. They’re easy to print out, and your kids can enjoy coloring them, cutting them out, and wearing them proudly!

Free Star Template Printable

Keep things simple with my free star template printable, which you can download instantly.

It’s a blank canvas for you and your kids to show some real star quality. Color, draw, cut out, and have lots of fun with it.

Star Outline Printable
Get it here

Premium Star Template Printable Pack x12

For stars for all occasions, my star template printable pack has something for everyone.

Be it gold stars for good work or a sheriff’s star for Wild West adventures in the backyard, there are so many things you can do with this awesome printable set.

Star Template Printable Pack

Here’s what you get in this printable template pack:

  • 1x Hollywood star
  • 1x Large star
  • 1x Hollywood star set of 12
  • 1x Paper fold star
  • 1x Night star
  • 1x Different star designs set of 12
  • 1x Shooting star at night
  • 1x Emoji face star scene
  • 1x Star outlines set of 5
  • 1x Simple star cluster
  • 1x Multi-star cluster
  • 1x Gold star set of 16
Get it here

All the printables in the pack are US letter size but can be printed out to both US letter and A4 size from your home printer.

The templates are perfect for coloring, drawing, and creating star-themed art with your kids at home, or you can print them off for them to take to school.

The gold star templates can be cut out and, if printed on sticky-back paper, can be used to award gold stars to your kids for great work and good behavior.

However you use these printables, I really hope you and your kids have so much fun with them. Please link to this page if you share these printables on your blog or website.

There’s so much fun to be had when you reach for the stars! Download and print off these star templates, and let your and your kids’ imaginations run wild.

Whether you color them in, create cool characters, or cut them out for rewards and decorations, remember that your creativity knows no bounds.

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