4 Best October Calendar Printables 2021 (Free and Premium)

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Make your October a month of plans, organization, and fun, not stress and chaos, with our October calendar printables, ideal for fridges, desks, binders, and noticeboards.

October Calendar Printables

October is a month of fun and festivities, while fall swoops into full swing with her beautiful colors.

But with the holidays on the horizon and plenty of events, including Halloween, its a good idea to get the day-to-day schedule in order.

Our October calendars can help you do just that. Easily downloaded and printed, you can use them in whatever way you like.

Whether you’re a scribbler, note-taker, or doodler, these calendars can help organize your life and schedule, freeing up your mental energy to enjoy the celebrations and time with family and friends.

Free October Calendar Template 2021

Free October Calendar

Our free October calendar gives you the ideal blank canvas to plot your month as you see fit.

Running from Sunday to Saturday in a classic landscape format, you can use the space to organize and plot however you like.

The eye-catching rainbow-colored segments also easily allow you to see which day it is at a glance.

Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple. This calendar does just that, and can easily be hung from your fridge, slid into your binder, or placed on your desk.

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Premium October Calendar Templates 2021

Lined October Calendar

If you prefer a little more structure to your organizational printables, give our lined October calendar a try.

Each day is assigned lines, allowing you to add bullet points and short notes with ease.

Or, if you want to add longer notes or reminders, you can do so in a neat, orderly way. This calendar is a good choice if you love journaling, note-taking in diaries, or write in longer sentences.

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October Calendar with Notes

Sometimes, it’s helpful to separate reminders and information from key dates and events. That’s where our October calendar with notes comes in.

With this calendar, you have two totally different approaches to tracking and planning your month.

Use the grids for each day to mark key events, dates, and bullet points. In the notes, you can add more detailed reminders, to-dos, and whatever else you need to write down.

A little splash of rainbow color also helps that calendar stand out and take pride and place on your noticeboard, or in your binder.

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Portrait October Calendar

If you prefer to work with a portrait format, then our color-coded and simple portrait calendar is the printable for you.

The longer grid gives you room to bullet point, sketch, and doodle, or write longer notes corresponding to the day.

Complete with a gorgeous dash of rainbow and Halloween-inspired color and illustration, this is a printable you can laminate or pin with pride.

If you use a binder, this is very much a safe choice of calendar. Remember to use a magic marker if you laminate so that you can rub out and re-add notes if needed.

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Don’t let the to-dos and the schedule get on top of you in October. For kids, family, and friends, October is a time of fun, joy, and adventure.

Use our calendars to help you organize your time, events, and life. That way, you can free up your precious time and energy to spend time in the right way: with family, friends, and loved ones, making memories, and having fun.

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