12 Simple Habits of Exceptionally Likeable People

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If you’re striving to become a more liked person, start developing these habits of likeable people today to strengthen your friendships, relationships, and how others perceive you.

12 Habits of Likeable People

Habits of Likeable People

We all want to be liked. It’s simply human nature. But sometimes, problems, our environment, and our personality traits can make us unlikeable to other people.

Often, we don’t even realize we are doing these certain things. Likeable people are very aware that little changes in their interactions can make a huge difference in their relationships with others.

If you want to have better, more positive relationships with friends, family, partners, and strangers, these are 11 habits likeable people actively work on, which you can start developing today.

1. They ask questions and make the conversation about you

Likeable people have meaningful conversations with everyone around them. They try not to talk about themselves, and by asking everyone in the group questions, they encourage everyone to get involved.

Likeable people act almost like mediators. They give quieter people the confidence to speak up and help shift the limelight away from domineering characters.

2. They don’t boast and act like they are above others

Likeable people treat everyone around them as their equals. They won’t spend time bragging about their accomplishments or talking about how great they are.

When likeable people do talk from their own perspective, it is always humble. They use phrases such as ‘in my opinion’ or ‘from my point of view’, rather than using statements and phrases such as ‘you’re wrong’.

3. They volunteer their time

Likeable people have a ‘drop in the ocean’ mentality. They understand that even little acts of kindness can help improve lives and create positive change.

Rather than making bold statements on social media, they find ways to help in their spare time. They may volunteer at homeless shelters or food pantries. They know that little acts can go a long way.

4. They listen more than they talk

Either with just you or in a group, likeable people know how to learn. They always let others finish their point and never interrupt.

They spend most of their time listening and only contribute to the conversation if they believe it is important. Their preference to ask questions, rather than make statements, allows them to keep the spotlight off themselves.

5. They don’t gossip and talk behind peoples’ backs

Likeable people never gossip. They won’t be nice to someone’s face and then talk about them behind their back. They have meaningful conversations rather than trash talking.

If someone else in the group does start gossiping, they will politely try to switch the conversation to another topic.

6. They can laugh at themselves

Likeable people know how not to take themselves too seriously. While they prefer thoughtful conversation, they still have a great sense of humor.

They are not afraid to self-deprecate for comedic purposes, and they will happily tell stories about funny mistakes or things that happened to them.

7. They speak with calm and authority

People with a loud, jarring, and dominating voice or presence can be frustrating or intimidating to be around.

People who we gravitate toward generally speak in a calm, controlled way. They practice public speaking, and through their voice, create a feeling of safety and authority. You feel safe when a likeable person is talking.

8. They are present and not on their phones when around others

Trying to engage with someone while they’re constantly looking at their phone is one of the most infuriating things.

Likeable people always try to be present. They pay attention, listen, look at you, and don’t divert their attention. This helps you develop a strong, meaningful connection with them much faster.

9. They check up on people even when it is not reciprocated

If you receive a text out of the blue just asking how you are, it can make the world of difference. Likeable people know the power of making others feel they have someone they can talk to.

They know that people with mental health problems or going through a tough time will be closed off. If there is someone they haven’t spoken to in months, they will reach out and ask how they are.

Once again, these small acts of kindness go a long, long way to making them people others can trust, like, and rely on.

10. They make eye contact

As humans, our eyes are one of the most powerful ways to connect to another person. When you’re talking to someone you like or trust, they will generally not break eye contact.

This allows you to trust them, feel safe around them, and feel deeply connected to them.

11. They don’t judge or stereotype

If you’re a likeable person, you will always try to hear two or more points of view. This allows you to have healthy debates with people you don’t see eye-to-eye with, without it turning into a shouting match.

Likeable people also never force their views on others. They will fight for what they believe is right but are also willing to listen to people who disagree with them.

12. They have a positive outlook on life

Life can be tough enough as it is without someone else constantly reminding you of what is bad in the world and what problems they are going through.

Likeable people talk positively about most things. They see the good in life and the good in those around them. They tend to be optimistic rather than pessimistic.

This ability to create a positive environment allows people to gravitate toward them and spend more time with them.

For your mental wellbeing, strong relationships, and life in general, it is better to be a person that people like and gravitate toward.

Being a likeable person isn’t rocket science. All it takes is to develop a few simple habits and a positive mindset. Not only will it help your friends and those around you, it will also help you.

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12 Habits of Likeable People