7 Simple Ways to Make Money From Home

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Learn 7 simple ways to make money from home.

Ways to Make Money From Home

1. Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

Decluttering your life can help you make some money from home. Go through everything in your house, and pick stuff that you can do without or those that you don’t want or need. It can be used sporting goods, your kids’ old toys and clothing, electronics, wardrobe accessories, jewelry and watches with no sentiment behind them, dusty tools, furniture, outdoor equipment, or a second car.

 You can start selling them online, on websites like Decluttr, Amazon, or eBay, or you can do that the old-fashioned way and hold a garage or yard sale.

2. Take Part in Surveys

There are many websites that pay for answering online surveys or product tests. Besides earning cash, you can also get free products, gift vouchers, prize drawings, etc. They are free to sign up and use, so be careful when some survey asks you to pay – it’s most likely a scam. 

Here are some of the most popular websites you can try: Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Pinecone Research, OneOpinion, PaidSurveys, Opinion Outpost, Global Test Market, and ProOpinion.

3. Freelance Writing

Thanks to the Internet, you can start selling your words from your home. Although the more experience you have, the better projects and rates you’ll get, you have to start at some point. 

You can choose from many different markets. The demand for new articles on the Internet is constantly growing, so all you need to start is a computer and the Internet. Pick a project and start freelance writing in the comfort of your own home. 

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4. Consider Investing

Open an investment account with Ally Invest or another reputable broker and earn money every year. Invest in both bonds and stocks and various sectors like consumer goods, banks, and technology. Having a well-diversified investment portfolio is recommended. 

You can also consider real estate, micro-investing, and other alternative investments. 

5. Consulting & Freelancing

Take advantage of the knowledge you have in a certain field and make money via consulting. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to pay for certain expertise. Although you may not be an expert to make companies pay you to counsel them on business goals, there are plenty of people out there that think you’re important enough to pay you.

You can start on Clarity.fm – a website that allows you to make a free account where you can offer your consulting services for money. 

6. Podcasting

Hosting an online podcast is another great way to earn some money from home, although it’s not the easiest. It’s also arguably the one that will take the longest to make you money.

The most important thing here is to find your niche, grow an audience, and then look for ways to monetize and connect with sponsors. 

Sponsors can pay you quite well for including a short clip at the beginning of your videos. The income can be pretty high if you succeed, so it’s worth considering.

7. Sell Space in Your Home

Given the current situation in the world, this suggestion is one to implement in the more distant future. But once things are better in the world, take advantage of the spare space in your home to make some money. You can host people in your home if you have a spare bedroom and bathroom. Frequent travelers are often looking for a comfortable bed and breakfast in a warm and friendly environment instead of hotels and motels.


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