10 Popular Remote Job Boards You Need to Use in 2022

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Looking for a work from home job to help build a life with more flexibility and control? These remote job boards are filled with potential remote roles that you could be perfect for!

Remote job boards (work from home office)

Remote Job Boards

There’s so many opportunities out there to find remote jobs. You just have to make sure you’re looking in the right place.

These remote job boards are the perfect place to start. With plenty of patience, the right skills, and a can-do attitude, you soon could be setting yourself up on a career path that gives you flexibility and opportunity.

1. Flexjobs

Great for finding remote jobs in most professions

Flexjobs is my favorite job board for finding work-from-home job opportunities. It’s the only one on the list you have to pay for, but I have seen so many job opportunities on this board that I haven’t seen elsewhere online, that I personally think it’s worth the price.

It allows you to search for jobs using search filters such as 100% remote jobs, partial remote jobs, and option for remote work. Those last two search filters can be very helpful. You can identify jobs in your area that will let you work from home but still require that you are based in that city, state, or country.

Unlike most of the other job boards on this list, it has remote job options in nearly every job category: software development, education & training, medical, customer service, writing, project management, sales, marketing, e-commerce, accounting, finance, translation, business development, graphic design, HR & recruiting, operations, research, travel & hospitality, insurance, legal, advertising & PR, journalism, non-profit, and others.

Sample Remote Job Opportunities:

  • Software Engineer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst
  • General Counsel
  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Medical Reviewer
  • Content Writer
  • Community Manager

Price: $14.95/month, $29.95/quarter, $49.95/year

2. Angel List

Great for those looking for a remote job with a startup or co-founder opportunities

The awesome thing about Angel List is that you can see the salary and equity for most jobs before you even apply. You also get to speak directly to founders and hiring managers because no third party recruiters allowed on the platform.

Sample Remote Job Opportunities:

  • Software Engineer
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Designer
  • Developer Advocate
  • Product Designer
  • Sales Development Representative

All you have to do is create a free profile and start job searching.

Price: Free

3. Remote OK

Great for finding remote tech jobs

If you’re a software developer or work in tech, definitely check out Remote OK. Most of the job listings are in software development but there are also a few in customer support, design, and marketing. Built by the founder of Nomad List, Remote OK has a lot of quality job listings aimed at digital nomads.

Sample Work-From-Home Job Opportunities:

  • Fullstack Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Product Designer
  • Data Engineer
  • Growth Hacker
  • Data Developer
  • Customer Support Manager

Price: Free


4. We Work Remotely

Great for finding high quality, serious job posts

We Work Remotely is a very popular remote job board. They report receiving over 2.5M monthly visitors to their site. For employers, posting a job on there is pricey (it costs them at least $300/30 days). As such, you’ll get serious, high-quality job posts.

They have job posts in a variety of industries (programming, design, copywriting, business, sales, finance, legal, product, marketing, and other).

Sample Work-From-Home Job Opportunities:

  • Tech & VC Writer
  • SEO Project Manager
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Social Media Content Specialist
  • Senior Android Engineer
  • Business Development Specialist

Price: Free

5. Working Nomads

Great for digital nomads

Working Nomads was initially built with nomads in mind (as the name also indicates). It lists jobs specifically aimed at people who want to work remotely and travel. Anyone can use the board though, and you don’t have to be a nomad to apply for one of these remote jobs. You can work remotely from your cozy home office.

Sample Work-From-Home Job Opportunities:

  • Lead UX Designer
  • Digital Product Analyst
  • Community Content Pro
  • React Engineer
  • WordPress Project Manager
  • Account Consultant

Price: Free

6. Remotive

Great for those wanting hand-picked remote jobs daily

Sample Work-From-Home Job Opportunities:

  • Junior Web Developer
  • Head of Product Marketing
  • Solution Architect
  • Customer Onboarding Specialist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Director of Marketing
  • Product Lead
  • Illustrator

Price: Free

7. Remote.co

Great for finding jobs in over 17 categories

Sample Work-From-Home Job Opportunities:

  • Bookkeeper
  • Correspondent Client Advocate
  • Business Administrator and Junior Writer
  • Visual Design Specialist
  • Senior Salesforce Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Hospitality Editor
  • Academic Editor in Business
  • Consumer Advocate, Nutrition
  • Talent Acquisition Consultant
  • Legal Editor
  • Policy Analyst
  • Project Coordinator
  • Quality Assurance Specialist

Price: Free

8. Remoteur

Great for those wanting an email newsletter (delivered every two weeks) with curated remote jobs in Europe

Sample Work-From-Home Job Opportunities:

  • Product Designer
  • Head of Engineering
  • Junior Product Marketer
  • Marketing Lead
  • Content Author
  • Support Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Digital Project Manager

Price: Free

9. Jobspresso

Great for curated, interesting, and high-quality job listings

Sample Work-From-Home Job Opportunities:

  • Data Scientist
  • English Content Writer
  • Customer Support Advocate
  • Development Associate
  • Business Analyst
  • Director of Student Success
  • Children’s Reading Transcriptionist
  • Shopping News Writer
  • Online Events and Training Consultant
  • Social Media Editor
  • Community Support Associate

Price: Free

10. SkipTheDrive

Great for those wanting high volume of job postings (with job search filters)

Sample Work-From-Home Job Opportunities:

  • Automation Engineer
  • Psychiatrists
  • Travel Inside Sales Specialist
  • English Teacher
  • Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Development Executive

Price: Free

Bonus: 900+ Companies Hiring Remotely in 2022

If you’ve gone through all the above remote job boards and still haven’t found any job posts you like, here is a list of 900+ companies hiring remotely in 2022.

Good luck with your remote job search, and check out our other resources for work from home jobs, tips, and hacks!

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